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CCS Futsal League


Discover why FUTSAL is the se
cret to developing the world’s greatest soccer players!

As you know, training during the winter months is crucial for the development of youth soccer players. Players can use the off season to work on their individual skills and their tactical understanding of the game. Futsal promotes quality touches, foot skills, quick & accurate passes and movements. From an economic standpoint, playing futsal will provide a soccer player with twice as many touches per dollar spent. Futsal also is safer – eliminating the injuries associated with wall collisions and less chance of heading injuries because the ball is slightly weighted to stay on the ground!  Futsal is organized street soccer that provokes players to express themselves, encourages quicker decision making and more creative and intuitive play. A Futsal team consists of 4 court players and a goalkeeper. Futsal must be played on a hard, smooth surface, like a gymnasium floor. The tight space makes for action-packed play that stimulates players to play quickly and creatively. Further, all restarts must be played within four seconds of setting the ball, so no time is wasted!  So, after we work on our individual skill techniques for 20 minutes, we play the music and watch you play! 

Our own experience with our Futsal clinics and league over the past few years is that youth players pick up this game quickly and it's a lot of fun for them to play!  We have seen improvement in players in just a 5-6 week clinic experience and are now focused on leagues.  We hope you will join us and see what the excitement has been all about and why Connecticut Coast Soccer has been leading the trend!